Analyzing of Geotechnical Optimization of Cartridge Filter Wastes of Water Treatment Machine

Document Type : Original Article


Civil Engineering , Technical and Engineering university , Islamic Azad University , Arak , Iran



Stabilizing sand through sticky powder particles such as cement , plaster powder, lime, and reinforcing it with fibers causes that it can be used in constructing the roads, airports, stank, road embankments, and etc., It improves their capabilities. The aim of this research is to use the wastes of cartridge filter of water treatment machine in improving sandy soils( SP ,SM types)that it has not meet the needed quality expectations in geotechnical parameters, therefor the acts of sandy soil that stabilized with cement and reinforced with reused fibers of Cartridge tested and studied through particles grading test, soil compaction , and CBR( cartridge bearing ratio). Therefor in different tests used constantly 6% sand, and two cartridge fibers with 1.5 and 3 centimeters length in different dry density soil (%0, %0.2, %0.4, and %0.6). The testes results show that using fibers cause reducing maximum dry density of soil and increasing optimum moisture of the SM soil and increasing maximum dry density of soil and decreasing optimum moisture in the SP soil. Also using fibers of cartridge cause improving California bearing capacity in the SP and SM soils. Use of %0.4 fibers of cartridge waste left 1.5 centimeters result better than other percentage.